known as


Whelped on 9.02.2009
Bred, Owned & Handled by Donna & Laureen Horne
Tri Colour Broken Coat

Paris was born here at Ouwitllemate Kennels early
February 2009, sister to Harry and our newest
pair to hit the show ring.

Paris has a great personality, is a quick learner,
often bossy and enjoys keeping Laureen
on her toes as she demands frequent attention.

While Paris is new to the show ring she is
already showing great promise as she has
taken out baby puppy of breed at her first three
shows followed by in group awards.

D: Ouwitllemate Heiress

S: Aust CH Pineview Poacher

Tarsia Dracula UK

Tarsia Piggy Molone

D: Pineview Corkey

Wypanda Jacko

Earlham Jessie

D: Pineview Twig

Tarsia Dracula UK

Tarsia Piggy Molone

D: Pineview Mistletoe

D: Aust CH Erindale/JR Chenel

S: Aust CH Caddarra Powern Glory

D: Erindale/JR Living Doll

S: Aust Grand CH Quaylene Joe Buster

D: Erindale/JR Eboney

S: Aust CH Erindale/JR Beauregard

D: Dibren Diamond Jill

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