Exciting Showing News!! 

At Ouwitllemate Kennels we have some
very exciting showing news
to share with you!

On Friday the 5th of November 2010,
we set off to the Beaudesert Kennel
Club Show along with members from
the 'Kadma' show team & met up with our
friends from 'Trublumate' Kennels!

While the night cooled down and our dogs
became more toey & excitable, we groomed,
touchedup and finished preparing our dogs!

With over 900 dogs entered we had a particularly
long night ahead of us. Under Mr T Eerola
from Finland, Devil & Emma won
Best In Group 2 then
closer to midnight they entered General
Specials & won
Runner Up Best In Show!

For all my non-dog showing friends - this
is a huge award, where the judge on the night
has awarded my dog - 2nd best dog entered!

Thanks goes to Emma Hardcastle for
campaigning & showing our handsome boy!

Latest News - August 2010!!! 

Welcome to the "Ouwitllemate" Diaries!

Ouwitllemate Kennels has had a busy year so far!! Can you all believe we are over half way through 2010!!!

The first half of the year has brought with it some exciting times inside and outside the show ring.

At home we have had some recent additions to the family...yes adorable time wasters...puppies!

gave birth to 2 puppies at Easter, both of which have found lovely homes with loving families in Brisbane

Jetta a first time mum (& a wonderful one at that) together with Huck welcomed 4 puppies
into Ouwitllemate Kennels on June 13th (what a long & late night that was!)
These gorgeous pups have also found new homes on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.
One little girl has remained & is now living with Emma,
currently 10 weeks old we hope to see her grace the show ring in the near future!

Inside the show ring we have also had an amazing year!

(Aust Gr Ch. Whatajack Sockettoem) has come out a few times
winning numerous Best of Breeds (BOB), Classes in Group & a Best In Group which was very exciting!!!

Gabby (Aust Ch. Ouwitllemate Sweet About Me) has also shown outstanding results
with large challenges & classes in Group & a Reserve In Group!

Laureen & Sassy (Aust Ch. Ouwitllemate Boodwah Babe) have been an outstanding show team this year,
with Sassy (just having turned 2) gaining many BOB's, 2 Reserve in Groups and over half of her Grand Championship title! We are very proud of them!

Amelia & Bella (Ouwitllemate Twlight) have joined us in the ring more and more this year
with the young one and her handler showing very promising signs!

Emma has also had a great first half of the year in the show ring seeing
Harry (Ouwitllemate Houdini) gain in Australian Championship title!

Emma & Devil (Aust Ch. Ouwitllemate Unleash Da Beast) have continued to consistently improve
with time in the ring seeing them win many large BOB's and Classes in Group & Show!

Keyshia (Aust Ch. Ouwitllemate Heaven Sent) continue to win Challenges & Classes in Group!
Keyshia has also just come into season and we plan to mate her with Huck - hopefully
seeing the first litter of the 'Trublumate' kennels - we wish Emma & Keyshia much luck!

We have also had a wonderful year with our 'Gundog Team'

Lizzy (Aust Ch. Somerford Liz Taylor) (Weimaraner) has returned to us after having a litter with Jim & Danny earlier this year! And what a great Mum she was! Lizzy has enjoyed successful outings in the ring!

Spook (Kadma Urban Legend) (Weimaraner) join our household.
Kevin & Spook have had an amazing year (with three months break)
Spook has won many BOB's, Classes in Group & a Best in Group & a Reserve In Group and has only just turned 12months old.

Dotty (Kobnko For Feather Falls) (German Wire Haired Pointer) has come to live
with us! She is a sweet, happy and outgoing young girl who we hope to see grace
the show ring in the near future!

Jackson (Somerford Colsidex DNA) (Weimaraner) aged 12 weeks arrived at Carol Thompson's during the Ekka week
and is moving in this week - a very exciting time!

Additionally we are planning a "Gundog" page for this website to include information & photos
about the four dogs above - so please check back soon!

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