Known as


Whelped on 26.5.2007
Bred, Owned & Handled by Donna Horne
Tri-Colour Broken Coat

Jetta was born here at Ouwitllemate Kennels
mid 2007, a granddaughter of the great Drum.
Born with and continues to carry on his
true terrier temperament.

Jetta’s favourite past time is hunting
…frogs, mice…well anything that moves!

Jetta’s show career began on fire
with seeing her continuously win Baby Puppy of Breeds,
then growing to take numerous in Group Awards,
Challenges and Best of Breed Awards.
Jetta has been a delight to own as she continues
to mature and shows great promise of things to come.

A Collage of puppy moments!

Me and my Sis...

What? Don't laugh its a comfy steel bowl!


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