Known as


Whelped on 10.03.2005
Owned and Handled by Donna Horne
Bred by Gary Butler
Tan and White Broken Coat

Huck came to us with his sister Rosie in 2005 from
Whatajack Kennels in Sydney, a small and cheeky bundle of
joy that has never stopped amusing us with his antics.

He is a typical Jack Russell Terrier – whether he is hunting,
showing off or cuddling on the lounge,
affectionate, bold, demanding and energetic – he never misses a beat.

Huck loves the show ring, although often doesn’t
consider himself a dog and if you upset him the
morning of a show he will sulk all day long
(such as travelling in the dog trailer instead of the car)
– not so good for the show ring.

His love of the ring and showing off has been evident
in his ability to gain his Championship Title at thirteen
months of age in great style taking out the Best of Breed,
Junior in Group followed by the Junior in Show Award.

Huck then obtained his Grand Champion Title at the
mere age of three, having won numerous Best of Breed,
Classes in Group and many in Show awards along the way.

Thanks goes to Gary Butler for sending us such a wonderful little dog.

A Collage of pup and show moments!

Looking at me?

Look I'm Standing!

Dad and Me Showing!

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