Known as


Whelped 13.06.2010
Bred & Co-Owned & Handled by Donna Horne
Co-Owned & Handled by Emma Hardcastle
Tan & White Broken Coat

Gypsy daughter of 'Huck' & 'Jetta'
was born here at Ouwitllemate Kennels in June 2010!

Since Gypsy has opened her eyes she has been
demanding & cheeky...a wonderful
mixture of both her parents

Gypsy graced the ring recently & entered
with much enthusiasm & created laughter
from her fellow exhibitors as she showed off her circus tricks!!

She is our newest edition to the show team
and we look forward to campaigning her.
as we hope to see her follow in her Dad's footsteps, Donna's boy Huck!
She has certainly inherited some of his other cheekier traits!!

If you would like to see more of Gypsy
Check out "Trublumate Kennels"

Mum & Pups - 1 Day Old!


Aren't I cute??

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