We bought our first Jack Russell Josie in
2000 as a pet for our daughter. After owning Rotties
for years we wanted to own something a bit smaller
as we were starting a family. My husband (Kevin) was
not so keen as we had always owned big dogs but it
didn’t take long before Kevin and I fell in love with
this quirky, smart and cheeky breed of dog, often
bringing much laughter and mischief to the house.

Josie sparked my interest in breeding Jack Russell’s
in order to provide other families with the same joy.
I soon set about learning all I could about the breed,
their temperament, structure, purpose and so on.

A huge thanks goes to Peg Porter (Josies Breeder) for
putting up with my hundred and one questions and
being a great support in everything I do still to this day.

Then along came Beau Aust Ch Baylock Silky Oak
my first show dog. Beau came to live with us when he
was just 7 months, at this stage we weren't showing dogs
(Beau was my little mate - hense our kennel name)
although I had been told he was of show quality.

Beau was almost 2years old when enquries about being a
stud dog were made. They came, they looked, they
loved and also told me I should have him in the show ring!
After much encouragement, some handling lessons and
a bottle of rescue remedy (for myself) we embarked
on our show careers! Incredibly (with a novice handler)
Beau became an Australian Champion in just 6 months!

Beau was a Reserve In Group/Class In Group winner with
numerous Best of Breeds! Although he did extremely well he
wasn't passionate about it and preferred playing in the back
yard. His favourite past time was dunking toys into the water
dish and fishing them out. So I decided to retire him, a few
years on his now calls the Sunshine Coast home and keeps his
new owners on their toes.

I soon became enthralled by the confirmation showing of
purebred dogs and soon began to track down a worthy
contender who also became my first Grand Champion!
Huck (Grand CH Whatajack Sockettoem) and
Rosie ( CH Whatajack For Leafclover)
came to me from Gary of Whatajack Kennels
and latter Dream ( CH Whatajack Dreambeliever).

A big thankyou goes out to him for providing me
with three quality Jack Russell Terriers to be the
foundation of my kennel and for teaching me the finer
points on how to groom these wonderful dogs but most of
all for all the laughs and your friendship.

Away most weekends, showing my beloved dogs, Kevin
soon had to come and see what all the fuss was about.
While Kevin loved the Jacks he very soon found a
connection with the Weimaraner, a breed he has owned
and handled for a number of years now. A huge thankyou
goes to Carol Thompson of Kadma Weimaraner’s for
providing us with Cody (Aust Ch Kadma Fast n Furious),
Cash (Aust Ch Kadma Dash For Cash) and now
Spook (Kadma Urban Legend).

Another big thankyou to Jim and Danny from
Somerford Kennels for providing us with
Lizzy (Aust Ch Somerford Liz Taylor)
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